Hadley, MA Chimney

Domian Masonry was contracted to take down and rebuild a chimney in Hadley, MA. A water struck brick was used as they do not suck up as much water as other types of brick do. This in turn adds to the life of the chimney. The company constructed the chimney around an existing Power Vent.


Fisette Chimney

The Fisette chimney was one of Domian Masonry's first projects. It was built out of the Morin college blend brick, which is a water stuck brick. The brick absorbs very little water which adds longevity to the chimney. The chimney has two flues, one for a furnace, and the other for a wood stove. Above the roof line where the chimney is exposed to the weather, the company added a lead pan. The pan stops any water that may have been absorbed during heavy rain to escape out of the chimney through weep holes. This practice can stop water damage to the rest of the home below the roof.

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